During our 13 year venture, Professional Loan Pty Ltd has earned multiple awards. All awards are guaranteed.

Westpac Platinum broker

We have earned this for over 3 years now, and we earned it from the day the program came out.

Westpac has outlined the details of its nascent top ‘Platinum Broker’ tier, which is now offering 100 of its best brokers preferential service and support at the bank. News link

Platinum level
Professional Loan’s awards

Certificate of Appreciation

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has awarded Tony Chen with this certificate in recognition of continued support and proper brokerage values for over 4 years.

Certificate of Member Recognition 10 years

We have been a qualified broker in the MFAA group, a group of professional brokers. Being a member and a valued home loan broker for over 10 years is an achievement.

Certificate of Trademark

Our Chinese trading name of Professional Loan Pty Ltd has been a trademark.

Attorney General and Justice JP Administration

Tony Chen has been a self employed private JP for over 5-10 years now. His service is available to private matters in business.