The Spark

In 2002, our business was formed with a few staff. The main director, Tony Chen (Private JP) registered with MFAA, ASIC, and ventured with Connective OSN to become a loan broker.

Successful? Not very at the beginning, but loan offers and home loans, car loans, construction loans, commercial loans, renovation loans etc…. all started to pile. It was the beginning of a whole new company.

The Start

We firstly used the one-on-one consultation method. But, we decided to open a permanent office. In 2004/5, we relocated from being a home business to really being an office business.

We  didn’t realise that for 10 years,  135 Church St Parramatta, NSW 2150 would be our home. Situated at the heart of Parramatta: the capital of Western Sydney, and the 6th largest CBD in Australia, Professional Loan Pty Ltd became a well known name in Sydney.

Our Partnerships

Our journey to being a success was thanks to our partnerships with Connective OSN, an aggregator with > 4000 brokers. We have been with them for 10 years!

The Logo

We changed logos around 3 times. At first, it was rather plain, with PL and a circle. We changed it, and now it ended with a red circle with a house inscribed with our company’s initials.

Company logo
Professional Loan Pty Ltd logo


The GFC was a big hit to the world. But, due to Kevin Rudd’s stimulus package, and high hopes in Australia, it impacted Australia, but we still recovered. Our business was quite stable, and customers still poured in due to a growing consumer sentiment.


Now, we have expanded, and we are now using consolidation and efficiency programs to boost our productivity and support.

We are currently working to make the application process easier and more safer for customers, whereby we will invest our time into electronic applications.


We hope that in 2016, a fully online process (except identification checks), will be in place. We will contact you via online forms, emails, talks, etc.


24 hours / 7 days contact:

0425 280 197 and 0425 286 170

Office phone: (02) 9687 5688

We Chat: pending